Pembrayr Consulting



Created to capitalize upon many profitable years' activity in commercial property development, Pembrayr Consulting offer a range of services related to the identification, evaluation and management of development projects.   Each project has its own unique characteristics, which require specialist knowledge and understanding of the issues involved.  It is understanding what you require, that shapes the service that we provide. 

We believe that the management of the development process should be undertaken in a professional manner, tailored to meet your specific requirements.  With Director involvement in all aspects of the services we provide we can relieve you from the commitment of a day-to-day involvement. We recognize that every project, and every client, is different and don’t believe in “One size fits all” solutions.








Our services include

Identification, Evaluation and Appraisal

of Development Opportunities.

Formulation of Development Briefs.

Feasibility Studies.

Financial Appraisals and Cash Flows.

Advice on the Form of Procurement.

Project Management Services. 

 Project Monitoring Services, for Funds or Occupiers.

Client Representative Services.

Selection, Management, and Co-ordination of Project Advisors.

Evaluation of the potential to enhance value by securing planning consent.

The provision of strategic advice and the arrangement of individual projects.

Management of the technical team appointed to implement the development.

Negotiation with Statutory Authorities.

Development and Project Programmes.

Project Co-ordination.

Employers Agent

Budget Control, Review and Reporting.


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