Pembrayr Consulting



Pembrayr Consulting offer a range of services related to the identification, evaluation and management of commercial property development projects.

If you wish to undertake a development project, or you control property withdevelopment potential, we may be able to assist in formulating a strategy to facilitate an appropriate form of development which will add value and/or achieve your other objectives.

The consultancy was created by Peter Thorne Dip BS MRICS after twenty years at a senior level in the property industry. Our expertise in managing development projects comes from the sharp end of the development process.  Pembrayr are able to offer the benefit of that experience on a consultancy basis.

Successful development management, is dependent on the ability to manage, not only the technical process, but also the range of personalities and objectives of the individuals involved.  To achieve this Pembrayr combine the use of well established management systems with the ability to manage people. We place a high importance upon handpicking an expert team of professional advisors including Lawyers, Valuers, Planning Specialists, Architects, Engineers and others who will look after your interests from start to finish. 

By creating and managing a team of specialist advisors, working towards a common objective we will ensure that your project is a success. Our intention is not to usurp the role of your other advisors but to ensure that their contribution is co-ordinated and focused on achieving the desired outcome in the most cost effective manner.

We have access to a variety of funding sources which could be utilised to facilitate implementation of your development and would be pleased to discuss how we can assist in formulating the structure of the funding arrangements.

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