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 These images show the development of a bonsai tree

created from nursery material.  

This tree was purchased in December 2007 from the Newstead Bonsai nursery near Wakefield.  The purchase price included a one day workshop, during which purchasers would be given guidance on how best to style the tree. The following images show the tree when initially selected; during the course of the day, and at the end of the workshop.  This is the group from which I made my selection;-

      The tree below is the one I selected ......

The idea of the workshop was that we would get some direction from John Hanby as to how we should style the tree to achieve the best image.


This is the tree I was left with at the end of the day. It needed a lot of convincing that we had done the right thing !



I realized that I had to bring a side branch up to creat a new crown and decided to create a computer image to show the intended design of the tree.  This is what I hoped to achieve................


Over the next two years I raised a few side branches to create a crown and tried to compact the foliage, but by the spring of 2010 this is what I was left with..........  I decided to take the tree to Rob Atkinson who suggested that we needed to create a better crown by splitting the top part of the trunk into three.


        Following the split the tree looked like this.........



Once again, a lot more convincing was required.

This tree has been a real learning experience for me, I tried to do the right thing by buying quality material from a reputable supplier, I have followed his advice and sought expert help from others.  But it's never been right.  


In September 2013 I tried again, and took the tree to a workshop with Marc Noelanders  

The following images show how we saw cut a vee shape into the top to allow a back branch to be brought up to form the crown.  A side brance was split, then wrapped in rafia and bent down.


Marc did a sketch to show what the future image might look like. The image looks great but - this is what I'm currently left with !  Even in a photoshp pot I'm not convinced....Hmmmm we shall see !


By July the tree certainly looked like the Image marc had drawn.......

Unfortunately all the foliage was brown -  the tree was dead, and I have have no idea why!    

This can be quite a frustrating hobby !            



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