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Collected Berberis 2011

This Berberis was collected in January 2011.  Planted into a washing up basin with plenty of drainage, it was simply allowed to grow during its first year.


During December 2011, I decided to do some initial carving and basic styling.

The photomontage shows the visial effect of putting the tree in a proper pot. Obviously the foliage has a long way to go yet.


In April 2013 I purchased a new pot from China Mist, specifically for this tree.  

What a difference a proper pot makes !

By July 2013 the foliage has filled out quite a bit...........................

But by Sept 2014 I had reduced the height of the left hand trunk.  

The foliage in this area still has a way to go.........

The following Spring (April 2015) has seen some progress



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