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 This page shows the development of an Escallonia bought in February 2009 with the specific  intention to develop the foliage canopy and hollow out the trunk.

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              As purchased in February 2009                    After the initial carving                           


Early May 2009                                              June 2009


June 2010                                                      July 2011


In September 2011 the tree was judged to be "Best in Show"

at the Scottish Bonsai Association annual show, held in Glasgows Botanic Gardens.


Unfortunately, over the winter of 2011-12,  the tree developed some rot in a main root, and I lost  a principal branch on the right hand side of the tree.  I had no option but to restyle the tree, and I decided to jin the dead branch and to wire some back branches around to the right hand side.  It will probably take a couple of years for the foliage to fill out in this position but hopefully I can maintain an acceptible image.


I dealt with the rotten root by hollowing out the part above the surface.


By October 2012 the tree had grown again but not as much as I would have liked........................

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