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I purchased this Hemlock from Willowbog Bonsai in March 2014.  

The main attraction was the width of the trunk and the fantastic Nebari.

Click on any of the images  for a larger picture.


In September 2014, I decided to take the tree to a styling workshop with Marc Noelanders.

Here's me explaining to the class what I saw in the tree and discussing the options.

In his usual inimitable style, Marc assessed the tree and explaind why I had got it wrong. He felt that to make the best of the tree, we needed to turn it around 180 degrees. I.E my suggested back was to become the front and vis versa.


This time I took his advice and got on with it.  Here is a picture of the tree during that initial styling.


When I finished the work and got the tree home This was what it looked like.

The following spring  I repotted the tree into a more appropriate pot.  The picture below shows the image I  was looking for. Unfortunately the tree never recovered and it died.  I can only blame myself.  I thought this variety was very rigouous and removed a lot of the fine feeder roots to get the root ball into this pot.  It was obviously too much to quickly - another expensive lesson learned.


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