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The development of a larch group created from collected material.


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The original trees were collected in spring 2005 and planted as a group in a wooden box for 1 year.  








In the spring of 2006 the group was transplanted to a mica training pot.










By June 2010 - The vigourous growth needs to be trimmed.


                           June 2010 - the benefit of a simply hair cut !





By January 2011 I was unhappy with the tree on the right hand side of the group.  I felt it was to straight, and needed to curve outwards and upwards.  The solution was to take the tree out of the group, bend the trunk as required and to secure it in position.  I used a copper wire wrapped around the top of the tree and secured into a screw at the base. The tree was then wired back into the pot at the new angle.


The following pictures show the process. ...........




Some of the branches need to be repositioned with wire and the foliage needs to fill out a bit but I' happier with the current image.


     January 2011 after repositioning the tree

By May 2013 the group was filling out again.....

By July 2011  The foliage is filling out again




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